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Don’t know where to start? Begin with a
1-2 year playbook.


Strategic marketing brief Overview

A strong brand is more than just a logo. It’s how potential customers view your business against the competition. It’s about having consistency with variety. From the fonts, to the colors, to the images and graphics you select, visually articulating the narrative of your business speaks for you beyond words. We’ll take you through an in-depth process to tell your story and create a unique position for your business.




Week Process


Page Report


Year Marketing Plan

The process

A simple 4 step process, at the end of which, you’ll have
your 1-2 year marketing playbook.

You fill out an in-depth questionnaire.

(1-2 weeks)

1-hour consultation with the SMG team

(1 week)

SMG builds out your brand strategy

(2 weeks)

2-hour presentation to discuss findings

(25+ page report)

Typical solutions buckets

This is normally what we cover, but the strategic brief is unique to every customer, so it can be other things too.

Gainesville marketing Logo Example


Elevate your business’s image with our suite of branding elements that will tell your unique story.

Gainesville marketing Logo Example


Create a clean, functional, secure and custom experience for your customers to feel welcome.

Gainesville marketing Logo Example

Social Media

Grow your audience with the right people and establish your expertise with a social media strategy.

Gainesville marketing Logo Example

Marketing Collateral

Build a creative strategy utilizing all forms of marketing to enhance your brand and expand your reach.

Gainesville marketing Logo Example


Networking is a proven tool for business growth, and hand-selecting organizations and  events to join/attend can be beneficial to meet business development growth

Gainesville marketing Logo Example

Lead Generation

Determine how you will generate leads, nurture your leads, and ultimately convert your leads to meet your goals.

The next step is up to YOU

Option 1

You take the playbook and execute the solutions yourself

Option 2

You hire SMG to execute on the phases outlined in the brief


Our Clients


We work hard to create meaningful relationships with our clients and our community — in and out of the office. Giving back to the city that supports us and allows us to grow is something we’re passionate about. When you choose Sawyer Media Group, you’re choosing a small agency with big plans to be the change.